what is Babota and how does it help me?

Babota stands for BAlance BOdy TApe. Babotas unique shape and the varity of elasticity help you to a posture made perfect.

The Babotas stimulates the skin mechanoreceptors to an increased signaling (via the brain) to the muscles. This increased signaling provides improved body awareness helping you to remind focused on your postural improvement. This allows you to change postural patterns over time, enhance movement performance and decrease the risk of joint overloading.

"Babota gives you an INSTANT internal feedback 
resulting a faster and a more natural learningprocess of your bodymovement."

Babota is making your everyday life a little bit better!

what makes babota unique?

The Babotas has different elasticity, making you realize the differences between good and not som good posture. The Babotas are also body fited and customed made which makes it easy to apply and easy to use. Through our patent method, you can order your Babotas directly in our App or email (order@babota.se). 

Have a better everyday with Babota!

where does babota help me?

The Babotas helps you with, neck-, sholder-, back-, elbow, wrists-, hips, knees- or foot problems.