are you tired of a bad posture?


Babota gives you INSTANT feedback to a good posture! With Babotas unique shape and the variety of different elasticities, you are now able to improve your posture and at the same time reduce the stress on joints, ligaments and muscles. The best part is it happenes INSTANTLY! 

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what we do

Babota helps you to instant activate the correct muscles that guides you to  better motionpattern, leading you to a better balanced posture.
Babota improve your quality of life!

Babotas gives you instant feedback to a correct posture!

our secret

Babotas unique and patent method offers you a bodyfitted elasticity and form for the specific bodypart. This secret helps you to improve

  • Stiff and painful necks, shoulders & backs (specially to desk jobs)
  • Quicker postural learning process in sports
  • A great postural support in rehabilition
  • A better posture in your daily life!

Your day becomes easier, more gentle to your body and more effortless. 

your success

Your sucess is our sucess! So if we can help you improve your bodys daily routine we are happy oand sucessful!

This means that you are very important to us! Therefore, we guarantee a great service and support. 

Your health in life is important! 

Service – Knowledge – Feedback
= a better daily life!


10 nya återförsäljare senaste veckan! Senast in är dagens nyutbildade återförsäljare och tillika den erfarne sjukgymnasten Tommy Schill från Landskrona. Tommy driver idag Sjukgymnastcentrum.

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Kittad har gjort ett reportage om Babota kopplat till golfen. Ta en titt på länken nedan


Techmedico AB
Vi välkomnar nya återförsäljare in till Babota!
Jessica och Anna-Lena från TechMedico AB från Karlshamn är nya Babota-REHAB Säljagent och Återförsäljare. 

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Babota App

The Babota app makes it easy for you to use, apply and order your Babota. It is free to download and easy to follow. Enjoy! 

Babota makes your everyday more enjoyable

"Babotas purpuse is to make your everyday more pleasent and enjoyable. Babota give you instant feedback to reduce the chance of overloading, to minimize pain and to create a strong and beatuiful posture. Babota makes your everyday more enjoyable!
Try for yourself and you will see..."

Erik Blomqvist, Founder


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